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Kanabec County fair is an opportunity for Kanabec County 4-H members to showcase their talents and skills they have gained throughout the year. It’s a fun and exciting opportunity for 4-H members and families to come together and share their experiences with extended family and community members. 4-H classifies youth into two categories: Cloverbuds & Regular 4-H Members. Cloverbuds are youth who have completed grades K-2. Their educational experiences are focused on fun and learning. All Cloverbud exhibitors earn the same multi-color ribbon for their efforts. Regular 4-H members are youth who have completed grade 3 through one year past high school. Their learning is focused on mastery under the guidance of screened volunteer leaders. Our regular 4-H members earn white, red and blue ribbons and have an opportunity to earn Reserve & Grand Champion ribbons as well.

Youth earning the highest achievements and meeting eligibility requirements may also qualify to advance to regional & state showcase experiences, including the Minnesota State Fair, Minnesota State 4-H Horse Show, State 4-H Dog Show and Northeast Livestock Show. These events are held in late August through September and demonstrate the hard work and dedication of 4-H members.

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Kanabec County partners with Extension to deliver practical education and research you can use at home, at work and in your community.

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