Thursday July 27, 2023
Friday July 28, 2023

Challenge Yourself and Push the Limits

* Registration ends at 6:30pm the night of the race. *


$1000Pre-sale, single event ticket
  • Thursday: Red Neck Races
  • Friday: Red Neck Races
  • Saturday: Pick Up Pull
  • Sunday: Tractor Pull
  • Price at events is $15.00 (adults) & $5.00 (up to 12 yrs old)

Tickets available for purchase at:
First Citizens National Bank, Neighborhood National Bank (both locations),
Spire (Mora & Ogilive), Ace Hardware, and Johnson Hardware

Fees & Payouts

  • $25 Registration Fee includes Driver
  • $25 Pit passes for all others
  • payouts for first and second, no payout for Powder Puff

Race Classes

  1. Car #1: 4-cylinder, front wheel drive.
  2. Car #2: 6&8-cylinder stock, front or rear wheel drive turbos, superchargers allowed. Must be OEM stock engine.
  3. Truck #1: 4- & 6-cylinder light trucks, rear wheel drive only. 4WD trucks allowed, front drive axle must be disconnected.
  4. Truck #2: 1/2 ton or bigger pickup trucks and full-size vans rear wheel drive (or 4-wheel drive must be disconnected from front wheels).
  5. SUV, Minivan, Jeep – front wheel or rear wheel drive, must be stock engine.
  6. Powder Puff: Girls can drive any vehicle priory raced – non payout

Inspection & Race

Vehicles will be inspected after pulling through the gate to the inspection area.

  • If a vehicle fails inspection, the driver will have the opportunity to correct the problem and will be allowed to be re-inspected.
  • NO vehicles may be removed from the trailer without passing inspection.
  • Once a vehicle passes inspection it will be given a visible indication that it has passed and be allowed to be unloaded.

After inspection the driver must complete the registration form.

  • At that time the driver will also choose a washer containing a number.
    • This number is used to determine the first heats gate pick.
  • Second heat pole positions will automatically be the opposite of the first heat, allowing all racers to have a front row start in one heat.
  • A limited number of vehicles will be allowed to race in each class
    • This will be determined by the Race Officials based on the number of total vehicles registered in all classes.

Drivers will be allowed two laps, as a practice session.

  • This is meant to familiarize the drivers with the track and track conditions.
  • It is not meant to be a race or driven in an aggressive manner.
  • Track staff will help monitor the number of laps being driven as well as watching for aggressive driving.

All heats and pole positions will be announced.

  • Drivers are responsible for verifying they are in the correct heat.
  • Classes and heats will be called to the staging area by our announcer
  • Our staging director will send the cars to the starting area where they will be set into their starting locations by the track staff.

The starting personnel will point at each vehicle and wait for a “thumbs up” from each driver. Once all drivers are ready, the starter will raise the green flag to start the race.

All vehicles will race each other for the specified number of laps.

  • Aggressive Dangerous Driving will not be allowed.
  • If a driver is identified as driving aggressively the track staff will point at the driver with a rolled or furrowed flag.
  • This is considered a warning.
  • If the aggressive driving continues, the track staff will wave a black flag at the vehicle
  • The driver is disqualified for that heat and must pull off the track.

Track staff will use a yellow flag to signify that there is an issue ahead of them on the course.

  • Drivers may continue but must pass through the area in a slow and safe manner.
  • Should the race need to stop due to a rollover, accident, mechanical breakdown, fire, etc., a red flag will be waved by track staff.
  • At that point the racing is stopped and drivers are expected to stay where they are until track officials tell them where they need to go.

At the start of the final lap of racing, finish line track staff will display a while flag signifying you are now on your last lap of that race.

A checkered flag will be used as drivers cross the finish line at the end of the race.

Redneck Crazy at the Kanabec County Fair

Redneck Rally races around fair track

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